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About B2C Furniture - Who are we?Updated 2 months ago

The furniture industry has a notorious reputation for having to pay a pretty hefty penny if you want to furnish your home with premium quality furniture. We’re out to debunk that notion.

How the heck are you going to pull that off, you ask? There are 3 cornerstones at the soul of our existence. Hardwood furniture which is sustainable AND affordable! Unheard of? … Yeah, we know. It’s been deemed as our niche and we have an obsessive focus on nailing it wholeheartedly.

By thoughtfully curating a range constructed by sustainable hardwood timber, we are committed to providing hard-wearing, high value pieces, whilst empowering our community with sustainable consumer habits.

The difference between our brand and our friendly furniture foes is that we have a profound distaste for ‘fast furniture’ with a short lifespan; ultimately doomed to end up in landfill. Our pieces are like that pesky house guest that never wants to leave. Except they’re not pesky. They are stylish, hard-wearing & timeless. So, you’ll never actually want them to leave.

Furniture shouldn't cost you the earth nor should it cost the earth its survival. We want the decision to make sustainable choices a no-brainer. You shouldn’t have to feel financially handicapped for wanting to help protect our precious planet and put a stop to our over-indulgent, carefree inclinations.

Hence, we started our venture by investing the time to find ethical furniture manufacturers. We swiped left to importers and wholesalers and formed close relationships with select trusted manufacturing partners.

By directly sourcing our furniture and cutting out the inflated mark-ups of the “middleman” we’ve built a genuine Business-2-Consumer (B2C) Furniture brand.

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