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My furniture has a bit of a 'smell' to it - is this normal?Updated 2 months ago

Our furniture is manufactured in Malaysia and packaged for transport via cargo ship over the water. During this process, as the containers are exposed to a lot of moisture, the sealants and paints tend to retain their smell for a little while longer once they have landed on our shore and been accepted into our warehouse. 

The sealants and paints that we use in our products are all low-VOC - however due to their exposure to moisture in transit as well as being boxed for transport for extended periods of time, they can build up an odour that lingers for a few hours after they have been removed from the box and assembled. 

We promise this is only temporary and will dissipate very quickly once everything has been set up for a while and given room to breathe! Any returns on the basis of strong chemical smells once the furniture has been delivered and assembled will be deemed change of mind, and will incur the associated fees.

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