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What is Zip Pay/Zip Money?Updated 2 months ago

Zip Pay is an interest-free buy-now-pay-later service with a credit limit of up to $10001. Repayments are based on a minimum monthly payment from as little as $10 per week. With Zip Pay, you can shop everywhere you see the Contactless Symbol when you add your Zip card to your Apple or Google wallet.

Zip Money is a line of credit with credit limits between $1,000 and $5,000 for regular accounts and up to $50,000 for specific merchants. Zip Money offers customers a guaranteed interest-free period of 3 months across all products and up to 36 months with some retailers.

Both products also feature our Shop Everywhere card, which you can use at any online retailer that accepts Visa. 

B2C Furniture offers Zip Pay and Zip Money both online and in-store - you can sign up here.

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