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You've probably heard of the term 'fast fashion' but have you heard of 'fast furniture’?Updated 2 months ago

Fast furniture is a term that, much like its counterpart, 'fast fashion' is making some noise in society! More and more Australians are becoming aware of the consequences of our generation's purchasing habits and our power to re-write our wrongs.

But what is Fast furniture? Put simply, fast furniture is pieces that are mass-produced, using low quality materials in order to promote changing, seasonal trends in the home décor space. Sure they may have a lower price tag that is enticing, but as they say 'you get what you pay for' and that couldn't be more apparent in this instance. 

Our mission at B2C Furniture is to keep our furniture in your home and out of landfill.  From design to delivery, making decisions and choices to promote sustainable living is always at the forefront of our minds! 

Are you ready for some shock factor? According to a survey conducted in Australian metro suburbs, each household discards 24kg of furniture each year! Sadly 85% of this is doomed to end up in landfill which has detrimental long-term ramifications to our planet. (War on Waste – The Battle Continues, ABC)

We are devoted to offering a range of home furnishings that are made with responsibly-sourced timber - a material that harbours a long life-span but is also recyclable. But it doesn’t stop with the wood, our paints and sealants have passed EN71 safety certifications. Our collection also offers a selection of eco-friendly fabric options. A win for you and for the environment!

Now we would never claim to know it all. We believe sustainability is a journey, not destination, and we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to be environmentally friendly and socially responsible across all aspects of our business - from the materials we construct with, down to the empowerment and inclusiveness of our teams.

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