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What exactly is covered under the mattress warranty?Updated 2 months ago

Both our Hibernate and Noddy mattresses are covered by a 7-Year warranty period.

The warranty covers an excessive imprint or 'dip' in your mattress only.

In the unlikely case that your mattress develops an imprint that is larger than 3.5cm, then we will assess the claim under warranty. Photos will need to be provided for the assessment.


What's not covered?

  • Normal body impression - your mattress will create a memory of your body shape within the break in period, which is to be expected. An imprint up to and including 3.5cm is normal and is classified as the mattress conforming to your body natural contours and weight. This means it's doing its job!
  • Changes in firmness preference 
  • Stains and stains
  • Rips or damages to the mattress from use or moving of the mattress
  • Minor manufacturing anomalies such as a small tear that can be fixed with minor hand sewing
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