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What materials is your outdoor furniture constructed from?Updated 2 months ago

Our outdoor range is made up of a selection of different materials. Natural Materials like wood and stone require a little more maintenance than synthetic materials, please find a list of materials used below:


Acacia Hardwood

The hardwood used across our outdoor range is Acacia Hardwood. This is a great timber for outdoor use due to its resilience to the weather and it is also know for being a unpalatable to insects. Acacia is also a fast growing tree - This means it is a sustainable choice as the plantations can be regenerated quickly.

Powdercoated Steel

Steel is an eco-friendly and renewable resource. It's able to retain the same integrity without having to endure down-cycling processes, which in turn means it requires less energy and has a relatively low environmental impact. Powder coated steel is very durable thanks to its strong coating that acts as a the first line of defense to protect the steel against corrosion.

Bamboo Wicker

Bamboo is extremely fast-growing and requires less water. As it can renew more rapidly, it produces a greater yield, which reduces deforestation. Bamboo is an excellent timber alternative. It requires zero chemicals or pesticides to grow, absorbs greenhouse gases, self-regenerates from new shoots, which creates less soil erosion. The cane produced is very strong, durable and biodegradable.

Banana Leaf Wicker (Also known as Abaca Wicker)

Sustainable and fast growing. resistant to deterioration from salt water - making it a good option for coastal homes.

Recycled Wicker

Made from recycled plastics, easy to maintain, long lifespan, Resilient to Termites and Moulds.

Polyester Rope

Light weight, Durable, high strength,



This fabric is used on our Costa Rica Sofa, Eagle Sofa, and Caracas Dining Chair - Olefin is made from synthetic materials known as polyolefins. Resilient, colorfast, stain-resistant and durable. The production of olefin fabric is environmentally friendly. The manufacturing process creates very little waste, and the fibre is 100% recyclable: it can be extruded into new yarn up to ten times.


This fabric we use in the rest of our outdoor range (including the Manado cushions) and is water resistant, UV and fade resistant, easy to keep clean and maintain.

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