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Do you have questions about our products? Trying to find certain dimensions or info? You can find all your answers here!

Help! I've lost my assembly instructions!

Have you lost or misplaced your furniture assembly instructions/guides? Not to worry! We have an entire library of assembly guides located on our website here. Simply search for your product and download the assembly guide!. If you need any further a

What mattress do you recommend for your bunk beds?

Wondering which mattresses you should purchase for your new bunks? We're here to help!. SINGLE BUNK BEDS. KING SINGLE BUNK BEDS. TRIPLE BUNK BEDS. Please note, these recommendations are only based on the safety regulations set by the ACCC, but it com

What age is recommended for your bunk beds?

While the right age for using a bunk bed can depend on your child’s maturity and development, we don’t recommend the top bunk or raised beds for kids under 9 years old. This guideline applies to our Myer and Rio Bunk Beds.For the Buddy Loft Bed, we s

What timber is your furniture made from?

Malaysian Rubberwood is the name, and Hardwood Timber is our game!. Our pieces are expertly crafted, using a rigorous application process that provides depth of colour and lays emphasis on the timber’s natural detail, with each piece having its own c

Where can I find the dimensions of a product?

All dimensions for our products have been provided as specification drawings, as well as included under the 'More Info' tab on the product page.

How can I check stock on the website?

Want to check out online but you're concerned the items are out of stock? Fear not! Our website contains accurate stock levels in our warehouses, which allows you to check out with ease!!. The quickest way to check if an item is in stock, is by check

Does the furniture come assembled?

In order for us to deliver your items to you safely and competitively priced, most of our pieces will require some level of assembly. But don’t let this deter you, its not rocket-science. Step by step instructions are included with all products and o

How long does assembly take?

As each piece of our expertly crafted furniture is different, so will its assembly time. Assembly times are dependent on how much experience you may have had in the past with flat-pack furniture, how many hands you have on board to help, and how many

Is the furniture at B2C commercial grade?

Our furniture is specifically designed for residental use and although it can be used in some commercial spaces, it is not designed to withstand high traffic areas and heavy usage. Commercial use of our furniture is not covered by warranty - please r

Does B2C Furniture offer fabric/timber samples?

Although we'd love to offer our customers a range of fabric/timber samples and swatches, this is not a service we currently provide... but fear not! You can still view the items in person at our brick and mortar locations or alternatively, if you con

Does B2C Furniture offer customisations/custom orders?

See something you like, but can't find the right size, style or colour?. Although we hope to impress everyone with our collection of furniture, unfortunately we can't meet all specific needs and requirements. All of our furniture is manufactured in M

Can I change the products in a package (set or suite) on your website?

Absolutely!. We’ve thoughtfully curated a bunch of furniture packages displayed on our website for your convenience however you are more then welcome to swap and change any items you'd like! Whether you are swapping the queen bed in the package to a

Why does my item say 'Pre-Order'?

Sadly, we've run out of stock of this item... Rest assured you haven't missed out!. You'll notice a "Notify Me" form on the product page - if you fill this out. we will get in touch the moment we are enabling pre-orders and you can place your order o

Does the outdoor furniture come assembled?

In order for us to deliver your items to you safely and competitively priced, most of our pieces will require some level of assembly. But don’t let this deter you, its not rocket-science. Step by step instructions are included with all products and o

What materials is your outdoor furniture constructed from?

Our outdoor range is made up of a selection of different materials. Natural Materials like wood and stone require a little more maintenance than synthetic materials, please find a list of materials used below:. The hardwood used across our outdoor ra

How do I know what size rug to buy?

Time to bust out the measuring tape and get to it! If you’re still in doubt, always go for the larger size. Bigger rugs will always create a grand feeling, and can be tucked under furniture like sofas. Whilst a rug that is too small for the space cou

Do I need an underlay for my rug?

If you have hardwood or tile floors then the answer is yes! Trust us, you’ll be thanking us when your rug is not sliding around your living room every time you try to vacuum it!. Our Anti-Slip Rug Pads also help to protect your floor and prevent acci

Quirks of Timber

It's raw, it's (mostly) untouched, it's authentic and it's beautiful. But like most beautiful things in life, it has its quirks too. Variations in wood grains, colour and knots are characteristics of natural timber and should be expected when purchas

My furniture has a bit of a 'smell' to it - is this normal?

Our furniture is manufactured in Malaysia and packaged for transport via cargo ship over the water. During this process, as the containers are exposed to a lot of moisture, the sealants and paints tend to retain their smell for a little while longer